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Jul 23

I went to Marina Abramovic’s exhibition yesterday. It was odd, and personally it did little to demolish the cynical distance I strive to maintain at all times. The exhibition does, however, have a tumblr, where it collects various notes from participants: these range from dismissiveness (x, x) to hilarious drawings of the experience (x, x).


this websites brief obsession with cotton eyed joe was so eerie and it couldn’t have played out any more perfectly because i am still left with two remaining questions:

  • where did it come from
  • where did it go

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Andy you had one job


Andy you had one job

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Hannibal is a gothic horror show about control, perception, abuse, mental illness and disability, the institution of psychiatry, and vengeance, frequently featuring terrifying scenes of violence and gore

and the fandom is comprised of teenage girls bedecking everyone in flowers and making cheesy puns

is this the actual reverse of the brony fandom

omg it is

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Things Harry Potter Actors say

This is why I love these people

We’re like sisters

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Why single out Israel? Because Israel is the only serial human rights abuser that enjoys consistent and enthusiastic support by all the liberal democracies of the North.

This support gives the Israeli state an impunity that Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe or Burma, to name but four, do not enjoy because their human rights abuses are all—rightly and however unprincipled—attacked by the major powers.

Israel alone is allowed to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity; it alone is allowed to repeatedly ignore United Nations resolutions without any opposition from northern governments and major institutions.

‘Why Israel only’ is tired and hypocritical

This is so important. No one is saying Israel is the only state to ever commit human rights abuses, but it is unique in enjoying support for those human rights abuses [from most of powerful states] by painting itself, the oppressor, repeatedly as the victim.

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