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Apr 23


This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, ever.

Her running on her little tippy toes I cannot even



This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, ever.

Her running on her little tippy toes I cannot even

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okay how is the winning image on JAckles 2048 not brickpants though




because I didn’t want to use that picture and the gif is better

The gif is awesome, true

I might have to take it upon myself to make a ‘terrible celebrity photoshoots’ 2048 now haha. Leonardo diCaprio’s could fill an entire game themselves.

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okay how is the winning image on JAckles 2048 not brickpants though


trying to finish an essay thats due tomorrow more like


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Suddenly disappointed that I’ve never seen a Midas AU

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This Merlin rewatch is so much fun

I’d forgotten how much Gaius was responsible for bullying Merlin into making shitty decisions though. Merlin, why are you listening to this guy who for some reason is content to prop up a kingdom with a genocidal bigot at its head? Merlin, why is the fact that Gaius stood at Uther’s side as he burned all witches and wizards in the land (aside from his spineless ass) completely dropped after the Edwin episode? Merlin, why do you listen to Gaius when he’s like ‘no don’t reassure Morgana that she’s normal and not crazy, that would only make it worse, we must surely ignore her destructive and wild magical talents that’s the only way to fix it’. 

And people say Dumbledore’s a manipulative asshole, but at least he’s clever about it. 

The more I think about it, the more Gaius reads to me like a sort of Pettigrew character. Weak, and a mediocre magician, he manages to convince himself that if he’s in a position within the court, he can help people who need it most. As it is, he’s able to send away the people he cares for (Hunith and, presumably, a few others) before the Purge begins. He earns favour with a grief-stricken Uther by curing Arthur of a minor ailment - he’s always been a bookish child; although a peasant from the lower town, he made friends with a nobleborn boy, Geoffrey, who was willing to sneak him into the library in exchange for opiate-like potions. Since Nimueh left somewhat unceremoniously, the court is in need of a new physician - and thus Gaius inviegles himself into the castle and out of harm’s way. 

And throughout it all, he doesn’t dwell on it, because he’s managed to talk himself into thinking he had no other choice. He visits Kilgarrah once, when his magic is itching under his skin and there have been three executions that morning, in the hope that the dragon will have hopeful words about destiny and the resurgence of magic and so on. In books, dragons dispense this sort of knowledge sagely and kindly.

In reality, what happens is this. The dragon roars, once, and it sounds like a laugh.

"You did not come here to seek reassurance, old man. You came here to seek absolution. Absolution! Balinor was your friend and my master, and you allowed him to be driven from the kingdom. You allowed your own kind - the Muirdens, Greywalls, Newmasons - to be charred until their skin split like overripe fruit. 

I could allay your worries,” the dragon sneers. “I could tell you that Albion is still destined. None of your small, selfish evils have had such a terrible impact on the world - you are not significant enough for that. You would rather live out your decreptitude with an encrippled soul than die a free man.”

Gaius turns to leave, face stony, shoulders stooped, but the dragon is too loud to ignore. A gust of air nearly knocks him down as Kilgarrah launches himself upwards.

"I am bound in irons, and yet I am freer than you could ever hope to be, old man."

And then Merlin comes and Gaius thinks this is it, this is his chance to make good, to rebuild the kingdom anew - Emrys and Arthur will create Albion, as the druids foretell, and he will guide them there - but somehow it crumbles. Arthur is dead and so is Morgana, and Merlin is long gone. Mercia is gearing up to attack Queen Guinivere’s Camelot and, with their army depleted and defences in ruins, she would be wise to seek a quick surrender. 

When the kingdom falls, Gwen negotiates the terms of her imprisonment in Mercia; she stipulates that Gaius must be kept in the court , and comfortably. The morning she is taken away, she comes to him, bids him farewell with a tired, desperately sad smile. 


"you’ll need to know this math formula later in life"


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TNG 3x03 - The Survivors

Do you think that Data being enchanted with small mechanical objects is like us being enchanted with baby animals?

I do now.

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Jensen + dirt bike rally = the hottest thing I have ever seen.

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