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roman-numerals replied to your post: Race!fail at the Oscars

There were so many offensive and cringeworthy moments in the show. I was especially shocked by the Sammy Davis Jr. and Jonah Hill bits—Crystal’s CONSTANT pausing after every joke was maddening, like he was so confident everyone would laugh.

Exactly! What really shocked me was that unlike the Golden Globes the time before last - where actors and actresses were more than willing to take umbrage at Gervais mocking them/their acting, at the Oscars apparently everyone was cool with clapping and tittering, albeit nervously, at Crystal’s idiocy and offensiveness. 

Priorities, people!

Race!fail at the Oscars

Ugh, you guys. I was so excited for this year! I had snacks prepared and everything. 

First off, we had blackface, where Billy Crystal appeared as Sammy Davis Jr. A lot of people on my dash have been saying things like: 

-but he’s done it before! That makes it okay!

-it wasn’t done with ill will! That makes it okay!

-all of you are getting so worked up about blackface. It used to be racist, but now it isn’t at all. It’s totally okay!

Newsflash. Blackface is never okay (apart from maybe as satire to point out why blackface is never okay. I’m looking at you, Tropic Thunder). It will always have racist connotations, and therefore it will always be racially charged. 

Moving on from the blackface incident, though…

The Beverly Hills joke. Racist and not okay. 

The Gone With the Wind monkey joke. I would have been more willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt were it not for the really obvious beat after the line, and the fact that there is so much racefail elsewhere in the show. 

Honorable mentions for offensiveness to:

-the Jonah Hill part of his song. Not cool. 

-the inner monologues skit which, for Viola and Viola only, centred around her race